Let ME Feed YOU! - Now That Sounds Appealing! 

I use a news aggregator to collect my daily fill of news stories. Especially now that my access to 'the net' is severely limited I find that it helps me get all the posts from all the sites. Why not add "Live From The Bunker" to your rss/xml feed list so then you won't miss a single word of this stuff. Even better, you won't have to actually type in the complex url to the site ever again, think of it as even easier that bookmarks! It's like speed dial that makes calls for you.

Incidentally if T-Mobile offers a service that includes your phone actually making calls all by itself on your behalf for a low-monthly fee... just remember that you saw it here first!! 

Tony Perija can't wait to subscribe to the rss/xml feed 

Posted: Mon - April 4, 2005 at 02:31 AM       @ toby