Back When Sixty Bucks Was A Lot Of Money. 

A short story of sadness. A story of loss. A story of $60. 

Jeff Conaway or Bobby Wheeler from Taxi was the model for the dude on the $20 bill, true story*

I am bummed right now.
Wednesday evening I was out with our good friend Tony, we were going out for a coffee (a high scorer on my list of favorite things to do). Somewhere along the way I lost $60.

I lost $60.
I lost $60.
I fu**ing lost $60.

Not that there's ever a good time to misplace $60, but this week /month/year/decade sure as hell isn't a good time. Things are tight economically right now and I was gonna be keeping those 'Wheelers' company until the end of the month. If it weren't for the fact that I barely slept last night (who're we kidding, this morning) then I'm sure I'd be up until sunrise kicking myself over this. Here I am barely getting by, and I go and screw myself over by being careless with money.

On the bright side, someone, somewhere found $60 last night and can't believe how lucky they are. I hope they buy something they don't need (like I probably would've in their boots).

Toby (is an idiot)

* This has not been verified by anyone. This $20 bill thing is probably not a true story, however the guy on the $10 bill totally looks like Frank Burns on M*A*S*H*, for reals people, for reals.


Posted: Fri - June 24, 2005 at 02:56 PM       @ toby