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When I was a kid, I had lots of Playmobilâ„¢ toys. They were 'the other Legoâ„¢' so obviously that was the one my parents got for me. Don't I sound like an ungrateful bastard? Thing is, and this is doozy... Playmobil was BETTER THAN LEGO. You see it was character based, as opposed to brick based. It was all about people and not so much about a fort or a pirate ship (both were available and were fricking cool, therefore I didn't get them). Playmobilâ„¢ emphasized inter-personal interaction. I remember a veritable Village People of figures, performaing all tasks of the modern world, and all with smiles on their faces. Imagine how sad it is to see what the kids of today will consider 'typical play activity'...
Homeland Security Playmobilâ„¢ - See how fun it is to inspect other people's belongings. Detain suspicious (and certainly French-looking) individuals. Note how happy he is to cooperate with the authorities. Abandon your post for the union mandated 15 minute smoke break. Note the uninspected baggage slipping through the tight security... you better hope that's a hair dryer. This playset is currently available from seriously what has happened to the world?
Coming soon:
Playmobilâ„¢ Hurricane Katrina Superdome Refugee Detention and Retraining Center Playset: - some dissassembly required.
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Posted: Fri - September 9, 2005 at 01:02 PM       @ toby