Keeping It Clean: a brief review of what's up with me 

It sucks to be me. I'm not very good at it and it's not a job I particularly relish. Along the way I make mistakes and don't bother to fix them, intrigued? Click Read More, not intrigued? well, shove off jerkface!! 

There I go again. Snapping at people for no good reason.

I seem to remember once, a long long time ago (like 15 years ago, man) that I was a pretty calm person. I remember it as if it was someone else we're talking about. I don't see that in the mirror when I look.

I think that the transition to adulthood was where it all went pear-shaped. At a certain age we start taking on certain responsibilities either by ourselves or when our parents want the space we take up on their couches vacated. I didn't do this part very well. I never watched my folks 'do the bills', if there was a family budget, I was sick that day. I heard them argue about money we didn't have, and kinda figured that was something everyone in the suburbs did. Now, aged 33 (33.9 to be exact) I don't have good, pay-the-bills skills. I'm not trying to blame the 'rents. I just realize now that I wasn't paying attention for the test.
Today I paid my auto registration, it was late and there were fees for being late (there always are, that's how they getcha) I also paid a convenience fee for paying at the smog check place (that's how they getcha), and the smog check itself (can't believe I passed, therefore dodging another $300 repair bill with no car wash). But at least now I have a nice new registration sticker and can flaunt in-front of police cars looking to make their quota of pointless fix-it tickets (that's how they getcha). I would not have gotten the smog done and the reg. paid were it not for my good friend Guy going with me, as much to help out as to make sure I actually did it. And with all sarcasm aside I am grateful to him for helping me decide that I really wanted to get it taken care of today rather than avoid highly policed streets for another few weeks or until the inevitable "pull over and here's your fix-it ticket" happened.
Regular readers (hello Mother) will notice that I am never 'in-good' with the DMV. Why do you think that might be? I honestly don't know what's wrong with me, I know that there is no one who is going to save me (although I am very grateful for Guy and Tony who MAKE me take care of things that any normal schmuck should do for himself, thanks guys) and yet I can't understand why I can't get into the habit of taking care of myself.
I am terrible at paying my bills. My main excuse is that I can't pay because I never have any money (this is almost entirely true and accurate and the reason my registration was paid late). But even when I have the money I hesitate to actually spend it on stupid stuff like my phone, car or rent until the last minute (or right AFTER the last minute) because I am afraid I 'might not be getting any more money any time soon and then where will I be?'. Economic stability and I have never met. So for fear of running out of money, I rack up overdues and late fees, how f'd up is that?

Well today ends better than many, sure I'm out 150 bucks but the dirty car, I can barely afford to gas up, is legal to roam these streets once more. Thanks Guy.

Kane typp gudd; spelz båd.

And congrats to Kristi and Thane Tomlinson who welcomed
their daughter Avery Nicole into the world on Tuesday.
Everyone is doing well, but Thane mentioned that
he's not getting as much attention as he'd like. 

Posted: Wed - July 27, 2005 at 07:04 PM       @ toby