The British Are A Different Breed 

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The British are different. The British had the Blitz (among other challenges). The British have had the IRA bombers. The British endure. There is a reason that a tiny, tiny island created the dominant cultural backbone of the modern world.

Most recent reports say that the devices used in London were activated by timers (though there is some belief that the bus bomb may have been detonated by a suicide bomber).

I hope that the bombs were activated by timers, that would mean that the bombers are still around. They will get to see how little their actions will affect the life of London, that people will still flock there, that life will go on, that four bombs on a rainy July morning barely made a mark (and certainly won't leave a mark). They will live the rest of their lives (hopefully short) in fear. They will meet their maker (whatever name they call him) as failures.

Turn on the radio in the UK today. You won't hear moaning, weeping, or despair. In fact right now they're playing the Beatles on Radio 2 and talking about plans for the weekend. Pretty much like they did a week ago. 

Posted: Sat - July 9, 2005 at 09:00 AM       @ toby