Everything I Know About Sex... 

... would not take up much room. However if you click read more, you will learn something new. At least I hope it's new to you. 

Remember the 80's? When I was in Junior High, this thing called AIDS came along and created a thing called SAFE SEX. Not that it really stopped people from doing "it", it just gave dorks like me an excuse if no one wanted to do "it" with me (which they didn't don't).

So my good friend Nels was doing his weekly google search for "free, anonymous sex, Polo Shirt, swinger, bed-wetter support group" and found a fascinating link.


From their site:

What is greenlighting? Greenlighting is when a male or female (often bisexual) will wear a green shirt, either polo or otherwise, and "pop" or pull their collar up. This marks them as being ready for sex with anyone who chooses them, be it male or female, they are "collared" when someone approaches them and pulls their collar down. Well, there you have it, keep an eye out for any unkempt pretty boys in green Polo Shirts.

My Mom bought me Hunt Club from JC Penney, which might be another reason I never got any.

thePrisoner (liked green shirts already)
Posted: Wed - July 6, 2005 at 01:55 AM       @ toby