Could It Be Any Easier? 

Making this was the most fun I've had all week.

This was not a productive week. Unfortunately the non-productive weeks are also the not making any money weeks, that sucks eh?

Last week I did some consulting for the Huntington Beach Fire Department, they want to start making videos again. However all they really want is a free amount of information (in the form of a shopping list, with current prices) and an unlimited amount of telephone support. Well I shouldn't complain, after all Huntington Beach isn't made of money or anything and I have money to burn. Just last week I threw $60 to the winds for a giggle (goggle not received).

Also last week I got ripped off on an eBay transaction. When I get it settled and get my money back I'll tell the whole story. It isn't that great but I'll embellish for entertainment.

Apple added podcast support to their iTunes application. I really like podcasts, and subscribe to these...

Most of these are NPR shows, or BBC shows, the Battlestar Galactica one is for producer Ronald Moore's commentary tracks for each episode... I'm feeling very geeky right now.

Download iTunes
iTunes is cool.

Anyway, thats what happened this week 

Posted: Sat - July 2, 2005 at 02:11 AM       @ toby