That's Right, I'm CGI 

So what did you with your Saturday night?
I was happy to be involved with some fancy 'head figgerin' which I would say was quite successful. I have to say that whenever I feel like quitting this silly game and getting a life (ie. predictability, stability, steady income, etc.) then I get a quick reminder that I like being involved in creative things (this sounds much more pretentious than it is meant to).

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The happy team at FlickerFACTORY are gearing up for a Summer filled with underfunded productions. These clips are for an upcoming music video for the band 99Tales. I won't be appearing in it, I will be replaced by members of the band who will be driving through a dark desert night.

Maybe I will appear as a lonely hitchhiker. Probably not.

So, here you can see that I am slouching in front of a bluescreen, note: it is blue. The green band across the middle of the shot is an overlay of the image's IRE (basically the brightness of the image) note: where the image is predominantly blue, the bits that aren't me, are lit quite consistently. This will make the keying process much easier (keying is the process of cutting me out of the image, the full term is color or chroma keying)

Then, using technology known only to Druids, the blue background is removed, I am reduced to black and white (for aesthetic reasons) and placed inside a wonderful convertable.

And here you can see me doing some incredibly difficult acting.


Posted: Tue - June 14, 2005 at 01:53 AM       @ toby