Backlogs, Distractions and Entropy... 

Not paying enough attention to the blog. Can't expect to catch up quickly but if you click here I can ramble along about what's new with me. 

OK, so the COL DVD is totally over, finished and paid for. If the check had come sooner, I might've paid my phone bill and my DSL bill on time or at least before they had been cut off. We'll never know.
I think I'm gonna live without the phone and the DSL because it turns out that the phone and DSL and Earthlink was adding up to be a freaking rip-off, after all, I only had the phone ($25/month) so I could get DSL, and the DSL was $40/month and Earthlink on top of that was $20/month. Granted the internet was my greatest creature comfort... but come on.

So, after the film festival I got a freelance job (actually 2) so I should be pretty happy. If you know me at all, you'll know I'm not happy. I'm really resenting the caliber of my clients, which of course reflects on me, but I've hated myself for ages. So I guess you could say the status quo is in effect.

Posted: Wed - October 20, 2004 at 10:52 PM       @ toby