I Think We're Back - Click If You Care 

If no one is waiting for something, can it be said to be overdue? Read on for more hardly engrossing goings on from your favorite misanthrope. 

The FlickerFACTORY Company's official site is magnificently restored on a new and so far pretty reliable server. Not one for working too far ahead of where I need to be I have only now (after almost 2 months at our new host) decided to dust off and bust out with "Live From The Bunker". New and exciting content to come (honest) but in the meantime, here's what is bothering me.

LIVE FROM THE BUNKER - a misnomer. I have zero internet access at the bunker. I haven't had any since sometime last September, you'd have to check the unpaid bills to know for sure. While there is a wireless network somewhere nearby (I think upstairs have got it) I cannot get on the internet from the bunker, one of many reasons that I'm not having a lot of fun down in the bunker. The internet and its near limitless access to the world is what this wretched place all the more manageable. Gone are the BBC streams, conveniently pulling down bittorrents... robbed from me :( Now it's just a place to store the accessories. 

Posted: Mon - April 4, 2005 at 02:15 AM       @ toby