Although I'm posting these all after the fact, I'm trying to place them within the context of the days events.

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Nels and I go to "lee's bar" to meet the delivery of the Reader (Chicago's free paper and recipient of the fest's advertising budget). Scott met us and there was a small amount of rejoicing, the festival was really going to happen.

Friday. 11:30AM

We wake up. I am exausted and have suffered a total relapse of the cold I was getting over before flying out here. Not running the AC all frigging night is not an option for Scott or Nels so I wake up with a mouth and sinus cavity filled with dried mucus. It hurts to swallow and I slept horribly.
Scott is not a morning person. He could not move quickly under ANY circumstance. We have only one bathroom for the three of us to share. Scott goes in for 15 minutes, and comes out. He has NOT showered, shaved brushed teeth or hair. He has flushed but the courtesy ends there.

TOBY: Why didn't you take a shower?

SCOTT: I wanted to be nice and give someone else a chance.
Scott smiles and I try to kill him with mindbulletsâ„¢.

TOBY: But you were in there long enough to take a shower.

SCOTT: No I wasn't...
Snappy comeback! Scott stands at the mouth of the bathroom with nothing else to say doing his world famous impression of a bag of laundry.

(Let me explain something. Since I arrived in Chicago I have been INCREDIBLY cool. Even I am surprised at how cool and hard working and efficient I have been, you can ask Nels, I rock.)

TOBY: (paraphrased) Scott, you suck. You are selfish and slow and lie as easily as fish breathe water, please expire.

SCOTT: MUMMBLE, (paraphrased) My mouth is full of marbles, I have nothing of importance to contribute.

Soon I had showered. After a lot of prodding, Scott went into the shower. Nels and I left to set up at the 3 Penny.

At the 3 Penny Nels introduced me to Dan who was our ticket booth fellow. This man is without doubt the nicest person I have met in Chicago. He worked incredibly and was a great asset, he looks like this:

After a rough (and false) start, we had to re-calibrate the projector. This might have something to do with the fact that we were not too familiar with the projector. And by 'too familiar' I mean that I had not set eyes on it at all until about 3:30 that afternoon. I'm not sure that Scott has ever seen the projector to this day, I could be wrong.

This is what we screened that day.

I didn't get to see too many, I had too much to do. The winners can be found here.

I did chat with the guys behind "The Next" among others. I really enjoyed their short, it was finished on 35mm and looked like a 'real' movie. Their film was definitely inspired influenced by William Gibson's cyberpunkian dystopian future, but it was also a great little noir flick to boot.

To tell the truth I talked to a lot of filmmakers. If I hadn't seen their film then I would tell them I hadn't. If I said I would watch it then I did (which was difficult since I had a lot to do). It was really great talking with the filmmakers (for the most part, some of them were real tools) and I wanted to warn them all of the fall that was sure to follow.

The Sci-fi Horror show was well attended and afterwards we retired to Nels' place. A stop at The Taco Burrito House was in order and soon we were munching really good, really cheap mexican food. Right around 3:00am I must've fallen asleep. Scott was still deciding whether or not his stillborn filmmaker's forum event was even going to happen. This had been bothering me for a couple of days. Scott was moping around wondering why he could assemble a panel of filmmakers to attend his event at 9:00am on a Saturday morning and talk about their films and have this huge event just fall into his lap like $20 bills raining from the sky. The later it got (and we're talking 5 hours before the frigging event here) the less Scott had in place and the more he could not decide what to do. This might sound odd coming from me (if you know me in any way) but I was shocked at his total lack of preparation, including no Plan B. Even if Plan B meant 'winging-it' Scott is not a winger. Still, he chose not to have a back-up plan.


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