Having escaped the greater L.A. area and landed successfully in Chicago, I wasted little time getting to work, and there was a lot of work to do... 

Nels met me at O'Hare. I haven't seen that airport in 10 years and I could go another 10 with no problems. I must admit that being back in Chicago did give me a bit of a giddy feeling.

TRAFFIC makes that feeling go away. Like a native would, Nels knows all the tricks. Most of these tricks seem to involve small, narrow poorly maintained streets and a large population of people who have no respect for the awesome damage that a Ford Ranger could wrench upon their little bodies. What we in California describe as jaywalking, has been elevated to a new and horrific level. Competitive Road Blocking. All you need to play is a metal plate in your head and none of the sense that was in your head before the plate was installed. Nels traversed the potholes like a pro, but to my dismay refused to hit any of folks who were "Just asking for it".

PLANNING is not my strong suit, ask anyone. Go ahead, I'll wait.

PLANNING is not my strong suit. However I think I can see a plan and tell you where the holes are. Today I was a hole spotting, patch'em-up fool. And then we got an e-mail from Dean Richards, the entertainment reporter from Channel 9!!!!

BRIEF SIDENOTE: If you were in Chicago in the 80's.... Channel 9 for craps sake!! networks rise and fall but Channel 9? Empire carpets jingle... "588 2300 EMPIRE!!"and the "Kids of Chicago, havin' a good time, they're all watchin'... CHANNEL 9" jingle have their own rooms in the soup bowl that is my mind.

SO, Channel Freakin' 9 might want to cover the festival. I had carpet bombed Chicago's media outlets last month with little success. There was talk of a guest appearance on Kup's Show but it fell through since Irving R. Kupcinet passed away last November (if you aren't from Chicago, that joke went WAY over your head, but if you know who Joe Franklin is, you get the idea).

IT'S 3:30 local time (only 1:30 on my coast) but I'm really tired. Maybe its because I'm trying to kick this sore throat, maybe its just because I've had a lot stuff to do. It might be the strange relief from the stress of the last few... daysweeksmonthsyears... I don't know. But I do know that tomorrow I'm gonna meet Dean Richards from Channel 9, a few photos will be taken (I don't know Dean, but CHANNEL 9!!!) and then I'm just gonna stop by WTTW Chicago's PBS affiliate and drop off a few comp passes for the folks that make Image Union, a show that blew my mind at the tender age of 12 or 13 when staying up after Dr. Who was a bold endeavor. Right now I feel like Abe Frohman, the Sausage King of Chicago (insert your filthy jokes if you wish), not even Edward J. Rooney can wipe the grin from my face.

AND I am exausted, so please forgive the typos.


Posted: Wed - September 15, 2004 at 01:41 AM       @ toby