Thu - September 15, 2005

What's New With Mr. Happy? 

Not much. Okay, I guess I could go into more detail. Why don't you click "Read More" and then, uh... read more. 

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Fri - September 9, 2005

The Shape Of Things To Come? 

Click "Read More" 

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Tue - September 6, 2005

Quick Post, Happy Birthday to Me! 

It's my birthday. I've been repairing my computer most of the day. I did get some help from a friend 

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Wed - July 27, 2005

Keeping It Clean: a brief review of what's up with me 

It sucks to be me. I'm not very good at it and it's not a job I particularly relish. Along the way I make mistakes and don't bother to fix them, intrigued? Click Read More, not intrigued? well, shove off jerkface!! 

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Sat - July 9, 2005

The British Are A Different Breed 

Click to read more. 

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Wed - July 6, 2005

Everything I Know About Sex... 

... would not take up much room. However if you click read more, you will learn something new. At least I hope it's new to you. 

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Sat - July 2, 2005

Could It Be Any Easier? 

Making this was the most fun I've had all week.

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Fri - June 24, 2005

Back When Sixty Bucks Was A Lot Of Money. 

A short story of sadness. A story of loss. A story of $60. 

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Wed - June 22, 2005

Clocks Are Running Late... 

Someone is awake pretty early. That can't be good, eh? 

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Tue - June 14, 2005

That's Right, I'm CGI 

So what did you with your Saturday night?
I was happy to be involved with some fancy 'head figgerin' which I would say was quite successful. I have to say that whenever I feel like quitting this silly game and getting a life (ie. predictability, stability, steady income, etc.) then I get a quick reminder that I like being involved in creative things (this sounds much more pretentious than it is meant to).

Read More to take a look... 

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Wed - June 8, 2005

"It's A Shame About Ray" - Evan Dando 


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Hello You Lucky People!! 

After some technical jackassery the blog is magically unbroken. If your RSS newsreader just sparked to life - Huzzah!
Please feel free to check back. I'm back in business. 

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Mon - April 4, 2005

Let ME Feed YOU! - Now That Sounds Appealing! 

I use a news aggregator to collect my daily fill of news stories. Especially now that my access to 'the net' is severely limited I find that it helps me get all the posts from all the sites. Why not add "Live From The Bunker" to your rss/xml feed list so then you won't miss a single word of this stuff. Even better, you won't have to actually type in the complex url to the site ever again, think of it as even easier that bookmarks! It's like speed dial that makes calls for you.

Incidentally if T-Mobile offers a service that includes your phone actually making calls all by itself on your behalf for a low-monthly fee... just remember that you saw it here first!! 

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I Think We're Back - Click If You Care 

If no one is waiting for something, can it be said to be overdue? Read on for more hardly engrossing goings on from your favorite misanthrope. 

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Wed - February 2, 2005

If you can read this... HOORAY 

Okay, so the magnificent bastards at the Factory are finally moving our hosting away from Earthlink. No hard feelings guys but go ahead and drop dead too. This should not mean much to my few devoutly loyal readers (Hi Mom) but we might be down for a day or two, then again we should be down right now, so what the heck do I know?


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